As a designer, Jennifer Nina Evans looks for what is considered 'ugly' by society's standards. By seeing the beauty in the most unlikely places, she is able to blur the lines between art and fashion, creating thoughtful, show-stopping looks. Evans, a participant of the 2012 Emerging Designer Showcase at Nashville Fashion Week, debuted her Blood FW '13 Collection inspired by her personal phobia, Hemophobia. Tackling this fear by using the harsh emotions of obsession yields a collective of reds, deep blues, nudes, lace, fur, chiffon and beaded details. This collection works like fear; the pieces start subtle, building to the climatic couture gowns consumed with details, fine fabrics and innovative designs.

Evans, during her senior year at O'More College of Design, received the Distinguished Designer Award at the 2012 Eloise Fashion Show for her Urbanization FW '12 Collection. Inspired by seeing the unlikely beauty in human impact on the environment, Evans uncovers the truth in the untold issues of urbanization with hidden details on each piece that resembles a result of destruction. Using sheer fabric as a window to the beautifully-crafted untouchable lace within, the beauty is masked, covered and desired. A finalist at the 2011 Belcourt n-D Designer Festival, Evans showed a Mad Max-themed leather motorcycle jacket, knit sweetheart-crop bustier top, dark wash denim jeans and gloves and backpack purse styling.

While attending school, Evans studied under Manuel Cuevas as a design intern. Learning tailoring and hand sewing techniques from the world-renowned designer, Evans developed an obsession for sparkles, details and a love of design. Alongside Manuel himself, Evans created garments for clients such as Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard and wife Theresa Ann Lane for televised performances. Evans also created hard rock embroidered dresses embellished with rhinestones for the Spring 2011 Los Angeles Fashion Week. Through her design, Evans believes if she stays true to herself others will see the beauty and passion in her need to express something greater.

SS 12

In the ancient world certain numbers had symbolic meaning, aside from their ordinary use for counting or calculating; plane .gures, the polygons, triangles, squares, hexagons, and so forth, were related to the numbers (three and the triangle, for example), were thought of in a similar way, and in fact, carried even more emotional value than the numbers themselves, because they were visual.

This junior collection uses shapes from the study of sacred geometry and how it was implemented to construct religious architecture. Each piece has a hidden embroidered all seeing eye to tie in the secrets and hidden truth that sacred geometry has. Pieces are hand painted, plastic is hand cut, shapes are pieced together. All seams are .nished with lace using hand sewing techniques.

O'More College of Design Eloise Fashion Show at The Factory at Franklin Friday, May 11, 2012.



FW 12

Seeing the beauty in the unlikely as humans impact the environment. Uncovering the truth in the obvious untold issues with hidden details. On each of the individual 'causes' of destruction is a hidden beauty. The individual case studies are, pollution, power lines, machines,homeless,overpasses/road construction, animal rights,trash, wealth, city lights, and overall destruction. By using sheer as a window to the beautifully crafted lace that is untouchable within.

Over my senior year I designed, patterned, and constructed each out.t and its accessories.

If I stay true to myself, then others will see the beauty and passion in my need to express something greater.


FW 12

Collection inspired by my British roots/ the British invasion on American soil. A play with texture and prints, work to evening. Easy fun clothing for a modern woman that wants to look professional while having the youth of her 20's.



As a designer I look at what is considered 'ugly' in society. By seeing the beauty in the most unlikely places I'm able to merge the dark with the gorgeous. This Fall '13 collection is inspired by one of my personal phobias, Hemophobia. Tackling my fear by using the harsh emotions of obsession has yielded a collective of reds, deep blues, nudes, lace, fur, chiffon and beading. This collection works like my fear, it starts subtle building to the climatic couture gowns consumed with details, fine fabrics, and innovative designs.

This Collection debuted at Nashville Fashion week April 2013.

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